2015 saw the start of Berger’s latest project Universe, which explores the physical space formed by his skull. It is here – in a volume once again made tangible using a combination of CT scan and 3-D printer – that the artist exists. This physical chamber is occupied by our brain and cerebrospinal fluid. Innumerable philosophers have explored the question of whether the world outside this chamber is the same for each of us. This is a complex question, but it is a given that in order to function within a society we must engage with a common system of coordinates; constructs of ‘consciousness’ in a physical, social and political sense. These constructs form the very core of the Universe project, which raises questions about freedom and restraint, privacy and social behaviour, and the capacity for self-development and self-determination within a humanist tradition. The project makes these phenomena visible and tangible in a new series of sculptures and installations.


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